Grateful appreciation goes to the editors who have accepted Chaun’s poems into their periodicals and volumes.

Apogee Journal: “African Gutter Fish”

Cactus Heart: “Waters”

Chiron Review: “Pantoum on the Presidential Election”

Columbia Poetry Review: “Dear Basketball: A Posthumous Letter from St. Louis”

Frontier Poetry“Unfinished Sonnet”

Ghost Town: “And It Came to Pass,” “(More) Alternate Names for Black Boys”

Grist: The Journal for Writers: “Portrait”

HEArt Online: “Twelve Ways of Looking at Darkness”

Indolent Books: What Rough Beast Series: “My Being-Black Dilemma”

Inklette: “The Most Popular Word Searched over the Last Seven Days”

International Poetry Review: “The Necessity of Poetry”

La Voz de Esperanza: “Wake”

Off the Coast: “Grave Men”

Orbis: Quarterly International Literary Journal: “Phrase Not Found in Search Engine,” “The Crippled Woman at the Stairway of New York’s Wall Street Subway Station”

Pittsburgh Poetry Review: “Ghazal: Black Hole,” “Pantoum,” “Using the Laws of Motion to Explain Ferguson”

Rattle: “How I Survived,” “What Would You Say If You Were Tamir Rice & You Had Two Seconds–”

Rock & Sling: “A Syrian Hope”

shufPoetry: “Spoiler Alert: Ebola”

Sukoon: “A Notice Posted,” “Arabic,” “Calligram: Olive Tree,” “Falafel,” “Ghazal,” “Habibati,” “In the Painting on the Wall,” “Lessons,” “Paris,” “Stars”

The Caribbean Writer: “African City”

Wild Lemon Project: “San Bernardino Haze”


Best New African Poets 2015: An Anthology: “Chrysaora achlyos,” “Dream Catcher,” “Spoiler Alert: Ebola”

Best New African Poets 2016: An Anthology: “Field Notes,” “Lessons,” “Twelve Ways of Looking at Darkness”

New York Quarterly’s Misrepresented People: “Pantoum,” “The Necessity of Poetry,” “Pantoum on the Presidential Election”

Songs for a Passbook Torch: An Anthology of South African Poetry: “Imagine a Rainbow Nation,” “Smileys (Sheep Heads),” “Townships”


Best New African Poets: Interview regarding African Writing from the Diaspora (January 2016)


Glass: A Journal of Poetry’s Recommended Reading List of 2016

Nomination for Best of the Net: Grist: The Journal for Writers for “Portrait” (2016)